Our services

We offer services on project co-development, consultancy and research projects on the areas of robot control, distributed systems and embedded software.

Consultancy and product support

If you would like to use or integrate some of our products in your application, we provide consultancy services for supporting you. We can also develop new features for you on request. You can send any inquiries to us using the contact page on the website.

Implementation of custom software using especially using C/C++ language both in real and non real-time operating systems. Also implementing the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the other elements using the Qt framework.

Control software development

We provide support for the design and implementation of (embedded) control software for robots and mechatronic systems. We specialise in implementations using the C and C++ programming languages as well as model-based design using MATLAB/Simulink. Below you can see some of the project our team members have been involved with.  If you want more information or discuss how we can support you contact us.

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