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Embedded software development

We offer consultancy and support services on the design and implementation of (embedded) control software for the automation, robotics and mechatronics domains. We specialise in software implementations using the C, C++ and Rust programming languages, model-based design using MATLAB/Simulink and distributed systems using the Data Distribution Services (DDS) middleware.

S2E Systems areas of expertise - DDS, Embedded Software in C++ and Rust and Model-based design using Maltab/Simulink
This image shows an electrical motor in the foreground and a Simulink model used to control development in the computer screen on the background.

Our team has a strong combination of skills in software engineering, control engineering and electronics which allows us to develop high-quality embedded software and to quickly get up to speed when working with engineers in teams with these different domains.

We are able to offer a flexible approach regarding the work load distributions to best suit your project scope and needs. We are also able to work under non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and with different agreements regarding Intelectual Property (IP) rights.

If you want more information or discuss how we can support you can contact us at info@s2e-systems.com