Control software development

We provide consultancy services on the design and implementation of (embedded) control software for the automation, robotics and mechatronics domains. We specialise in software implementations using the C and C++ programming languages, model-based design using MATLAB/Simulink and distributed systems using the Data Distribution Services (DDS) middleware.

As a small company we can offer a flexible approach regarding the work load distributions to best suit your project scope and needs. We are also able to work under non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and with different agreements regarding Intelectual Property (IP) rights.

These are some of the project we have contributed for:

We were part of the team that developed and implemented the control algorithms used to enable the first "handshake" between an astronaut on the International Space Station and an operator on the ground (Image credits: ESA–J. Harrod, CC BY SA IGO 3.0).
We also implemented software for the INTERACT space experiment, aimed at demonstrating execution of mechanical tasks by teleoperation from space (Image credits:  ESA–G. Porter, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO).


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