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Nebula DDS WebLink

A software providing a REST API to your DDS databus, enabling connectivity to observability platforms, data flows and other web applications.

Unlock the power of your DDS data with Nebula DDS WebLink

In the realm of Data Distribution Systems (DDS), the quest for peak performance and flexible Quality-of-Service (QoS) configuration leads to the use of UDP. However, the challenge arises when attempting to make DDS data directly accessible in web applications due to the security restrictions associated with UDP. Nebula DDS WebLink emerges as the solution, introducing a dedicated server that seamlessly bridges this divide by offering access to your DDS databus through a RESTful API.

Nebula DDS WebLink serves as the entry-point for web-oriented applications to tap into the wealth of data residing in your DDS ecosystem. This means that observability services such as Grafana can effortlessly harness your DDS data, delivering real-time insights that elevate your monitoring capabilities to new heights. Beyond this, Nebula DDS WebLink empowers data flow frameworks like NodeRed, enabling them to leverage the API for boundless creativity in crafting dynamic and responsive applications that ingeniously utilize your DDS data. With Nebula DDS WebLink your DDS data becomes a dynamic asset for any frontend applications.

Nebula DDS WebLink Context

Installation packages

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MSI installer for 64-bit Windows

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.deb package for Ubuntu/Debian

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